We’re here for those most in need

Senior lady being given a takeaway at her door by volunteer

Our service is for those most in need so we have some rules about who we can help and how. This is because we’re a local group that relies on donations from individuals and organisations to do our work.

Please take a look at the qualification criteria and guidelines below before applying.

Our qualification criteria

Read carefully

You may qualify for our services if you fall into at least one of the following categories:

1. Clients suffering from chronic illness or with a disability
    • Low incomes and/or dependent on Universal Credit (or other allowances); or
    • Unable to cook for themselves and/or leave the house to do shopping; or
    • Reliant on carers for support; or
    • Potentially need support in feeding themselves.
2. Pensioners
    • Dependent on state pension (only source of income); or/and
    • Have been adversely affected by the cost of living crisis, so temporarily unable to afford heating or food.
3. Benefit-dependent people
    • Change of circumstances (loss of job, cost of living crisis) means temporarily dependent on benefits; or
    • May have children and/or partner who are also adversely affected.
4. Carers
    • Responsible for caring for someone terminally ill or temporarily incapacitated after surgery or other medical intervention
    • Their ability to look cook for and look after themselves has been severely restricted by their temporary caring duties
5. Debt recovery
    • Dependent on state benefits and struggling to feed themselves
    • On a debt-recovery action plan with a registered charity/organisation
6. Victim of abuse, family breakdown and/or homelessness
    • Home circumstances have changes as a result of relationship breakdown
    • Potential victim of abuse/at risk of homelessness
    • Need temporary support as get back on their feet

In addition we would ask the following:

    • The delivery address must be within five miles (driving distance) from EITHER Chesham War Memorial OR Jubilee Hall, Amersham
    • Please be at home during specified delivery windows to receive food (5.30-7.30pm).
    • No redeliveries are possible, and food cannot be left on your doorstep or given to a neighbour. If you’re not in, the food will be returned to us and thrown away, at an approx. cost of £8 per meal per person.
    • Individuals and families must consent to their details being added to the Big Community Takeaway database.
    • You need to consent for your details to be shared with other charitable groups in order to provide additional support if required.

All hot meal orders must be received by Big Community Takeaway by midnight on the Sunday before service each week in order to be added to the delivery schedule for the following week. (While we try to be consistent with dates, they may fluctuate so we ask you to keep an eye on our social media or website for any changes in dates).

Other places you can get help

We know a lot of people are struggling at this time. We’re conscious that what we offer is a small part of what you might need.

Here are some links to other organisations who may be able to help you.

Trussell Trust

Citizens Advice Bureau

Debt support

Housing support

Important note

If we can offer you support please make sure someone can answer the door to receive your Big Community Takeaway meal. If you’re not in on three occasions to receive your meal, then we will have to withdraw our service.

Sadly, as so many people are in crisis, we just can’t afford to let food to go to waste.